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    For the following works, the artist copyright has expired. They can therefore be published free of compensation.
    While, of course, all catalogue illustrations can be used, we thank you for obtaining any publication rights, if required.
    To request higher resolution images, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Lot 2
    Cuno Amiet
    Mutter und Kind auf blumenübersäter Wiese. 1906
    Oil on canvas, 99,5x91,5 cm
    Estimate: CHF 1’000’000

    Lot 22
    Marc Chagall
    Le grand bouquet sur fond bleu, 1978
    Oil on canvas, 91,9x73 cm
    Estimate: CHF 2’000’000

    Lot 38
    Max Ernst
    Forêt, 1925
    Oil on canvas, 54x65 cm
    Estimate: CHF 600’000

    Lot 42
    Günther Förg
    Ohne Titel, 1993
    Acrylic on cotton, 195,5x160,7 cm
    Estimate: CHF 600’000

    Lot 44
    Sam Francis
    Blue 3, 1960
    Oil on canvas, 100x81 cm
    Estimate: CHF 400’000

    Lot 46
    Franz Gertsch
    Pestwurz IV, 1993-1994
    Mineral colours with dammar varnish as binder, tempera, casein, pastel on cream Kumohadamashi Japanese paper by Heizaburo Iwano, 207x313 cm, image; 276x382 cm, sheet size
    Estimate: CHF 600’000

    Lot 50
    Alberto Giacometti
    Grande femme assise, 1958, cast from 1978
    Bronze, 80x23,2x31,5 cm
    Estimate: CHF 6’000’000

    Lot 71
    Ferdinand Hodler
    Der Brienzersee von Breitlauenen aus, 1906
    Oil and grease crayons on canvas, 65,5x95,5 cm
    Estimate: CHF 3’000’000

    Lot 79
    Alexej von Jawlensky
    Frauenbildnis (Heilandsgesicht), approx. 1920
    Oil over preliminary drawing in pencil on canvas paper, mounted on painting board, 36.2x27 cm, illustration; 53.3x39.8 cm, backing cardboard
    Estimate: CHF 500’000

    Lot 115
    Fernand Léger
    Composition aux trois figures, 1932
    Oil on canvas, doubled, 66x91 cm
    Estimate: CHF 1’000’000

    Lot 119
    Max Liebermann
    Die Blumenterrasse im Wannseegarten nach Norden, 1929
    Oil on canvas, 77,5x106 cm
    Estimate: CHF 500’000

    Lot 124
    Edvard Munch
    Melancholie I, 1896
    Woodcut, approx. 37.6x45.7 cm, woodblock; 42x61 cm, sheet size
    Estimate: CHF 600’000

    Lot 130
    Pablo Picasso
    Compotier, bouteille et verre, 1922
    Oil on canvas, 45,4x55,6 cm
    Estimate: CHF 900’000

    Lot 148
    Chaïm Soutine
    Maisons au bord de mer, um 1918
    Oil on canvas, 68x54 cm
    Estimate: CHF 450’000

    For lots marked with an asterisk (*), the hammer price is also subject to VAT.
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