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    AL2017.050. o.T. Oil on canvas. 2017.
    220x180 cm.

    Alois Lichtsteiner

    15th January until 26th February 2022

    In 2022 we will dedicate the third major solo exhibition after 2008 and 2014 to the Swiss artist Alois Lichtsteiner, with a selection of works as paintings and prints from recent years.

    We will open the exhibition during the Bern Gallery Weekend of 15/16 January 2022.

    More information will be given in due course.

    • AL2014.062. o.T. (Berg). Woodcut. 2014. 110x100 cm.

    • AL2015.058. o.T. (Berg). Woodcut. 2015. 59x89 cm.

    • AL2019.068. o.T. (Berg). Woodcut. 2019. 16x49 cm.

    • AL2020.001. o.T. (Berg). Oil on canvas. 2020. 100x160 cm.

    • AL2019.110. o.T. (Berg). Oil on canvas. 2019. 50x70 cm.

    • AL2019.113. o.T. (Berg). Oil on canvas. 2019. 100x160cm.

    • AL2019.118. o.T. (Berg). Oil on paper. 2019. 33x42 cm.

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