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    Günther Gercken - Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

    Kritisches Werkverzeichnis der Druckgraphik
    Band V - 1920-1924 - Nummern 1132-1470

    Bern 2019, Galerie Kornfeld Verlag AG
    ISBN: 978-3-85773-053-5

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    The long-awaited catalogue raisonné of the graphic work of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner by Günther Gercken is a comprehensive and critically revised edition of the catalogues raisonnés by Gustav Schiefler and Annemarie and Wolf-Dieter Dube. For the first time, all of the artist's prints are listed and reproduced chronologically, without separation by printing technique. The individual description of all impressions known to the author gives the reader an overview of the number of existing copies of each graphic work by the artist.

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