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  • FAQ (Frequently asked questions) myKORNFELD - Live Auction

    What is myKORNFELD?

    What is the difference between myKORNFELD and Online Only?

    What are live auctions?

    What is the difference between the live auctions and the Online Only Auction?

    How can I register for myKORNFELD?

    I am already registered. Where can I register with myKORNFELD?

    When do the auctions take place?

    Where can I find the auction catalogues?

    What is the Personal Overview?

    Where can I change my personal data?

    How can I add my favourite artists?

    I forgot my password, what do I have to do?

    When and where can I view the artworks?

    How can I find specific artists in the online catalogue?

    How can I add artworks to my favourites list?

    How can I bid with myKORNFELD?

    When can I start bidding?

    What is a written bid?

    How does bidding by telephone work?

    Can someone else bid for me?

    What is the buyer's premium?

    What does the asterisk (*) next to the lot number mean?

    Can I cancel a bid?

    How do I know that my bid was successful?

    Can I withdraw from my purchase?

    Is there an after-sale?

    How can I pay for my auction purchases?

    Do I have to pick up the work after the auction?

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