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    Purpose and legal basis of data processing
    Galerie Kornfeld Auktionen AG ("Galerie Kornfeld") uses the information provided by or otherwise received from consignors, bidders or other persons involved or interested in a contractual relationship ("customers"), including personal information as per the following list (hereinafter "customer information") for the provision of services in the area of auctions, art, publications, transport and insurance and for all measures relating to the fulfilment of its contractual rights and obligations and for compliance with statutory or regulatory provisions.
    Information about customers that is considered personal includes in particular customer names, contact details, proof of identity, financial information, records of customer transactions, and preferences.
    Galerie Kornfeld can also use customer information for its own marketing purposes if it can assert a legitimate interest in such use and if the customer has not objected to the use for marketing purposes.
    Some customer information can be collected through technical methods to allow for better service through knowledge of customer preferences.
    To the extent that the customer provides information to Galerie Kornfeld that must be regarded as especially deserving of protection within the meaning of European data protection provisions, the customer expressly declares his or her consent to the use of such information for the purposes set out above.

    Galerie Kornfeld may, for the purposes set out above, pass customer information on to persons involved in rendering services under the contract, to third parties engaged by it, or to other third parties.
    In the course of such disclosure, personal data may also be disclosed to countries outside Switzerland, the European Union, or the European Economic Area, whereby such countries may not have enacted data protection legislation recognized as equivalent by the competent Swiss or European authorities. In each instance, such a disclosure is made in compliance with European data protection provisions, including the provision of appropriate guarantees wherever necessary. Upon request by the customer, Galerie Kornfeld shall grant access to a copy of the respective guarantees applied to the transmission of your information.

    Video and audio recordings, recordings of phone bids
    The customer declares his or her consent to the preparation, storage, and use, for quality assurance and evidentiary purposes, of video and audio recordings of auctions, of conversations in connection with phone bids, and of other activities by Galerie Kornfeld.

    Retention time
    The customer information is retained for as long as is necessary to fulfil the purposes set out above or as prescribed by statutory or regulatory retention requirements.

    Customer's right of access and controller
    According to the European data protection provisions, the customer has the right to access, the right to rectification, the right to erasure, the right to restriction of processing, the right to objection and, if applicable, the right to data portability.

    The customer can withdraw consent granted to Galerie Kornfeld for the processing of personal data at any time. The withdrawal is applicable only to the future. Processing that took place prior to the withdrawal is unaffected.

    If the customer wishes to exercise one or more of these rights, or for further information about Galerie Kornfeld's data protection policies, the customer can contact

    Where applicable, the customer also has a right to complain to a competent data protection supervisory authority.

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