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    Ohne Titel
    Oil on canvas. 1978/2011. 116x69 cm

    Teruko Yokoi

    Exhibition celebrating the artist's 95th birthday

    19th September until 19th October 2019

    On the occasion of her 95th birthday, we are pleased to dedicate an exhibition to Japanese-Swiss artist Teruko Yokoi presenting a selection of works on canvas and paper from the last six decades. Her work is informed by various artistic stations: Tokyo, San Francisco, New York, Paris and Bern, where she has been living and working since 1962. Her 10th exhibition in our gallery testifies to our close ties and friendship with Teruko Yokoi and marks the beginning of another tribute to the important representative of abstract, Far Eastern inspired art in her “hometown.” In January 2020 the Kunstmuseum Bern will organize a large retrospective of her work.

    Exhibition opening
    18th September 2019, 18:30 h

    • Ohne Titel
      Eitempera. 1987. 48,1x66 cm

    • Ohne Titel
      Eitempera mit Metallfarbe und Collage. 1987.
      68,2x49,9 cm

    • Ohne Titel
      Eitempera mit Metallfarbe. 2013. 43,1x31,3 cm

    • Peony 3
      Eitempera. 1980. 27x36 cm

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