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  • How do I bid with myKORNFELD? - Classic auction


    Please register if you wish to use the features provided by myKORNFELD.
    You will then immediately receive an e-mail with the required access data.

    myKORNFELD allows you to
    - create a bid list
    - manage your bids
    - submit your bids
    - view a summary of your bids already placed

    You can also manage
    - your personal data
    - your favorite artists
    - your newsletter subscription
    - your password

    Log in

    Please log in to myKORNFELD with your personal access data (user e-mail and password).

    Create a bid list

    You can add the artworks that interest you to your personal bid list.
    To do this, please click on «Add to bid list» in the detail view of the lot number in question. You can add and remove lots at any time.

    Enter bids

    Enter your maximum bid for each lot (excluding Buyer’s premium and VAT).
    Add check next to «telephone bidding» if you wish to bid by phone.
    As a rule, telephone bids are only accepted from an estimate of CHF 5,000.
    Please save all bids by clicking on «Place a bid».
    You can add and remove lots at any time.

    Check bids

    After all bids have been saved, the link «Next» appears at the end of the page.
    You will then be presented with an overview of your bids for the auction and a summary of your personal data.

    Submit binding bidsYour bids are only sent to Galerie Kornfeld Auktionen AG and registered for the upcoming auction when you click on «Submit binding bids».
    Please note that, from then on, bids are binding in accordance with our Terms and Conditions for Buyers and cannot be revoked.

    View previous bids

    Under «Previous bids» you can see a summary of all bids submitted by you to date.

    You can submit further bids until 24 hours before the auction.

    You can also submit written or telephone bids using the bid form and sending it to Galerie Kornfeld Auktionen AG by regular post or e-mail.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone should you have any questions.

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