The history of Galerie Kornfeld since 1864

When Heinrich Georg Gutekunst opened his own gallery for works on paper (drawings and prints) on 1st of October 1864 in Stuttgart, he laid the foundation for a tradition still in existence today. The following enterprises all have their roots in the business founded by H.G. Gutekunst in 1864 and all of them have built their consecutive success on the basis of the merits of their predecessors: Richard Gutekunst in London (1895-1914), Gutekunst und Klipstein in Bern (1919-1951), Kornfeld und Klipstein and Galerie Kornfeld in Bern (from 1951).

The Ancestors 1864-1951 and the Active Team since 1951

HGGutekunst gaiser richard-gutekunst Klipstein
H.G. Gutekunst
Stuttgart, active 1864-1914
Wilhelm Gaiser
Stuttgart, active 1864-1914
Richard Gutekunst
Stuttgart, London, Bern,
active 1895-1929

Dr. phil.
August Klipstein

Bern, active 1919-1951
Kornfeldswgif Stauffersw B-Bischoff
Eberhard W. Kornfeld
active since 1951

Christine E. Stauffer
active since 1967
Bernhard U. Bischoff
active since 2013
Six generations have all built on that tradition and have contributed to the development of the business according to their personal convictions and charateristics. A first series of auction sales can be traced back to the years from 1868 to 1914 at H.G. Gutekunst. A great number of most important collections went through the hands of this "aristocrat" of the art dealers of his time. When H.G. Gutekunst retired in 1910, the no less experienced Wilhelm A. Gaiser ran the firm until 1914. That same year, seven months before the outbreak of World War I, H.G. Gutekunst passed away. His son Richard Gutekunst continued the business activities after the end of the war. In 1919 the extensive library and the great intellectual legacy of the firm H.G. Gutekunst were the basis upon which the firm Gutekunst und Klipstein in Bern was founded. During the first 15 years the activity was focused on dealing with an extensive stock. After the retirement of Richard Gutekunst, Dr. August Klipstein reestablished the auction business with a series of auction sales beginning in 1934. Until 1951a series of 60 auctions was held in Bern. After the unexpected passing away of Dr. August Klipstein in 1951, Eberhard W. Kornfeld took over the business. The economic upturn of the 1950s and the renovation and expansion of our premises made possible a steady growth of the business activities. The significance and the importance in terms of value of the auctions could be increased steadily over the years. Due to this development, Bern has become and remains today an internationally renowned auction city next to London, New York and Paris, particularly in the areas of paintings, drawings and prints by old and modern masters.
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